Dubai Nights

‘You mean I don’t need to go to the bar ever?’


Dubai Nights begins

I finally made it to Dubai and wow what a place. Now I’m new to blogging, but I felt it was only right to share my experiences with other people who may also be new and possibly unsure of what to do or where to go.  I myself have only been here four weeks and have already experienced quite a lot. Now yes my main theme is night life and evenings in Dubai, but I do also go out in the scorching hot sunshine. Primarily to get a tan! So please don’t be too upset when I post tourist information if you have lived here yourself for a while. 

I felt my first post should really be a little bit about what the blog will be based on and myself, but if you want to know how I got here, please look on my about page. I’m going to give you an overview of my first night in Dubai….Are you ready? Let’s Go!

I woke up feeling quite ill from the jet lag and I had just got married about four days prior so I must admit I wasn’t too keen to go out (which really is not like me at all). If you haven’t read my about page then you’ll need to know I moved here for my husband’s job and have moved in with two of his colleagues and another wife who is in the same situation as me. The idea of the night was to have a few drinks and meet everyone with whom they have become friends with.

The first dilemma…what to wear???? Now come on girls we all have the fear of meeting new people being in a new place and not knowing the right outfit, not only that, but reading about Dubai I felt I had to cover up. Do I have my shoulders out? How long should my skirt be? Well if you’re a lady reading this then forget it all…wear what you want! I went out covering up my whole upper body and what I saw was ladies dressed to the nines. In Dubai you can be as glamorous as you want or as chilled as you want, just make sure you check out the sites pictures or if you are going for dinner call them, sometimes they do have rules about open toe shoes, skirt length and shoulders being out.

When I walked up to the location I felt confused…why does it look like a hotel lobby with marble everywhere. WTF! This looks very classy.  In Dubai you pretty much have to walk into hotel lobbies and buildings before you get to an amazing bar, so don’t worry if you feel lost, most likely you have to go up two lifts before you even  get there, just ask someone. They are always really helpful. 

My first stop was the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and yes it was beautiful. Visit Dubai Yacht Club.  If you want to know about their ladies night check out my #NAUTIQUEBUTNICE blog post. When you walk in everything is pretty much white, so maybe don’t wear this colour or you’ll blend in with the ginormous bean bags and sofas on the balcony outside.  They have bright purple and pink led lights which give it a party vibe and the waiters are all wearing sailor type stripy t-shirts. I do love a theme outfit, so I completely appreciated this as we sat down by the Dubai marina watching the giant Yachts going by. There was a lovely breeze and for that moment I felt relaxed.

 Before you have time to process you are greeted with table service…again…WTF…you mean I don’t need to go to the bar ever? Nope rarely in Dubai do you need to actually go to the bar, they are so god damn efficient.  Finally I had a gin and tonic in my hand and the DJ they have doesn’t play too loudly so you can have a conversation. It’s defiantly a great place to start the night.

 We then moved to a bar in Byblos which is located very close, now I am not going to lie to you, still to this day I have no idea what it is called or where I was. I wasn’t paying too much attention the first night and a few G&T’s later I was completely baffled by my location.  When I find out, I will be sure to tell you, because again I had a great time. It wasn’t that busy in there and it was a small little bar, but it had great live music and we all had so much fun! Lots of ridiculous dancing, if you went out with some of the boys I know, ridiculous is the only word I can actually use to describe some of the out of time movement going on, but I must admit, I love it!

 At the end of the night a taxi is the only way home and the most sensible. Now in Dubai you should never have had a few drinks and walk on the streets, if you get caught you will get in trouble, so please make sure you have taxi money and get yourself straight to your door and try to walk in a straight line up to your apartment or hotel room.

 Let’s just say when I woke up the next day I had a pretty sore head.

 So my blog is pretty much about my experiences, but it will have a lot more detail about prices and more pictures now I have been here for a little bit longer. It is purely honest and I hope you enjoy reading my antics and maybe learning about some great things to do or see. Don’t be afraid to share or comment.  

 Until Next time, night owls.